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Is Your Roof Tops on Your Home Maintenance Checklist

Roof Maintenance

Spring cleaning may bring to mind thoughts of washing windows and cleaning out closets, but it’s not just for the inside of your home. It’s also a great time to get outside and perform regular maintenance to the exterior of your home. Just Google “home maintenance tips for spring” and you’ll find lots of great information. But where do you start? Why not start at the top – your roof.

One of the most critical components of any home is its roof. Unfortunately, it is often the most overlooked in terms of regular maintenance. Many homeowners neglect the condition of their home’s roof until minor issues have escalated into major problems.

Your roof’s condition can also affect your insurance coverage. Roofs are one of the first things an insurer looks at when evaluating a risk. The condition and performance of a home’s roof significantly impacts the chances of a loss occurring. If a roof is worn and near the end of its life, it will not stand up to wind and hail, thus the risk for an insurance company to insure that roof is greater.

Many insurance companies inspect the exterior of homes prior to insuring them in order to assess the condition of the property, particularly the roof. If a roof is showing signs of deterioration, a higher deductible or actual cash value coverage option may be required in order to insure the home.

So what kind of shape is your roof in? RoofRocket.com offers a great checklist to assist you in determining the current health of your roof. After completing this checklist, if you find areas of your roof showing wear or that may need repair, contact a local, reputable roofing contractor for professional advice.

Replacing your roof can be expensive, but it can also be one of the best investments you make to your home. Aside from the boost in your home’s curb appeal, a new roof will offer the best protection from Mother Nature. What other “spring cleaning” is on your list for the exterior of your home?

Posted by Melissa Hilvers. Article excerpts courtesy of RoofRocket.com.

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